Because of the Government announcement that we arenow at a Level 4 Alert, I have temporary suspended face-to-face counselling services. However, I will continue providing counselling online or by telephone. Ple


Karey, while not a couple counsellor, can enable individuals to better understand what influences the way we relate to others, for example, beliefs related to childhood, gender, and culture. He can assist individuals to develop an increased understanding of relating to others in primary relationships, work/learning, and social environs.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Change/Loss

Karey can assist individuals who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and grief. He can also assist individuals who want to better manage change (e.g., relocation, employment/career, life stage) and loss (e.g., of independence, lifestyle, or important other losses). He also has experience assisting individuals with earthquake related stress and/or trauma.


Karey is available to provide training to professionals in the health sector. He has facilitated numerous workshops/seminars, and presented at conferences both in New Zealand and abroad. His recently completed PhD focusses on New Zealand values/beleifs, mental wellbeing, and help-seeking.

Employment Counselling

Employment related counselling offers a safe non-judgmental way for individuals to address issues that may be occuring in the work environment. Karey has a breadth of employment related experiences including an in-depth understanding of the health, criminal justice, and education/academic sectors. He is experienced in developing conflict resolution strategies, can provide academic mentoring, and has an in-depth understanding of the health code of rights/obligations